Access Statement for Riscombe Farm Holiday Cottages

This statement is intended for use by those people with particular needs in terms of access and use of our premises.


Riscombe Farm has 4 self-contained holiday cottages. As these are old buildings there is restricted accessibility in some areas, but we are striving to improve this wherever possible.


• We are accessible by telephone, with an answer phone, and email.
• As we are in a remote area in the centre of Exmoor National Park, the bus services are limited to Exford village. The service is to and from Minehead, with one bus per day to Taunton. The nearest railway station is at Taunton, which is about 26 miles away.
• Exford village is 1.5 miles (2.4km) away. Minehead, the nearest town, 16 miles (26km) away. It takes about 35 minutes to walk to Exford village.
• There is a mobility shop called Independent Living at 8 Park Street, Minehead, TA24 5NQ.
• There are RADAR accessible toilets in Summerland Road car park, Minehead. RADAR Keys are available from Minehead Tourist Information Centre Tel: 01643 702624.
• Accessible taxis are available in Minehead. Click the link for other ideas for car-free travel in the Exmoor area.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

• In the farm yard there is ample parking for up to 8 vehicles. Visitors can park within a few yards of their accommodation.
• The surface of the parking area is round gravel/small pebble.
• There is front and rear access to parked vehicles.
• There are no barriers, speed bumps etc.
• Well behaved dogs are welcome. There are gardens and fields for dogs to exercise/play in.
• No specific signage is required as everything is simple and clear.
• We can help with porterage from car to cottage if required.
• There are automatic lights in the yard at night.
• Access from parking to the cottages is level, except if entering Bracken or Heather Cottage via the stone steps to the upstairs floor, in which case there is a short ramp which leads from the yard to the lane.

Entering the Cottages

• Fern Cottage is all on one level, with no steps. There is also direct access to the garden. The other 3 cottages (Gorse Cottage, Bracken Cottage and Heather Cottage) all have steps external and or internally. For Gorse Cottage there is access without steps, but inside there is one step down into the living area, and 12 steps to access upstairs. In Bracken Cottage there is access to the ground floor without steps, but access to the upper floor is either from the outside via 5 stone steps then a platform then 4 stone steps(3 feet or 0.9m width) with a hand rail, or internally by 12 steps (2’8″ or 0.82m wide) with a hand rail. There is also a single step to the bathroom. In Heather Cottage, there is access to the ground floor without steps, but access to the upper floor is either from the outside via 6 stone steps (2.5 feet or 0.75m width) with a hand rail, or internally by 13 steps (2’8″ or 0.82m wide) with a hand rail.
• We show all guests into their accommodation, tell them about the area and show them all the facilities we offer.
• All doors to the cottages are standard door width.

Public Areas – Yard, Games Room/Laundry and Fields

• The flooring in the cottages is carpets and vinyl.
• Doors are standard size and key operated.
• There are gardens and fields for dogs to be exercised.
• The public facilities (games room & laundry room) are all on one ground floor level and have one small step to access.


• One small step (3 inches high or nearly 8cm) to access through door..
• No service wash is normally available, but we will do the wash for those who need assistance.
• The laundry room and games room are on one side of the yard, with the cottages on two other sides of the yard.
• Internal lighting is bright, via fluorescent strip lights.

Leisure Facilities

• There is a games room with pool, darts and table football.
• Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.
• Access is via one small 3 inch (nearly 8cm) step to a standard door.
• It is open from 8.30am to 10.00pm.
• It is located on one side of the yard, with the cottages on two other sides of the yard.
• Internal lighting is via fluorescent strip lights.

Outdoor Facilities

• We have several grass fields which are bounded by the River Exe. There is also a track up to a woodland area.
• Parts of the fields are level or a slight slope. Other parts are steeper. Access to the woods is up a steep rough track.
• If moving between fields, there are gates which might be open, but are sometimes closed and need closing behind you as you pass through.
• There is no lighting in the fields and woods.
• There is no outside WC.
• There is no seating in the fields or woods.


• In Fern Cottage the two bedrooms (one standard double and one standard twin) are on the ground floor, as are all the rooms in this cottage. In Heather (one standard double and two standard twins) and Bracken (one standard double and one with three standard singles) Cottages the bedrooms are on the ground floor, but the living areas are on the first floor. In Gorse Cottage the bedroom (one standard double) is on the first floor accessible by a flight of 12 steps with a hand rail.
• All doors to bedrooms are standard size.
• All flooring in bedrooms is carpeted.
• Each cottage is fitted with a separate smoke alarm.
• In each bedroom there is a central light and bedside lighting.

Bathroom, Showers & WC

• Each cottage has its own private bathroom. Fern, Bracken & Heather Cottages also have separate showers, whilst Gorse Cottage has a shower/bath with a step up to aid access and a secure handle to help when getting in and out.
• The bathroom sizes are: Gorse Cottage = 6’9″ x 7’9″ or 2.05m x 2.35m , Fern Cottage = 8’10” x 7’7″ or 2.7m x 2.32m, Bracken Cottage = 9’10” x 6’6″ or 3m x 2m (excluding the shower area) and Heather Cottage = 7’6″ x 6’6″ or 2.3m x 2m (excluding the shower area)
• All flooring is tiled or non-slip vinyl.
• All doors are standard width, opening inward.
• The shower trays are standard size (2’4″ x 2’4″ or 0.7m x 0.7m, and the height is over 8 feet (2.5m). The height of the step into the shower in Fern, Bracken & Heather Cottages is 11″ or 29cm.
• The baths are standard size, height = 21.5″ or 55cm, there are no extra support rails in Fern, Bracken and Heather but there is a support handle to help access the bath/shower in Gorse Cottage.
• The WC are standard size with no support rails.
• The water is not thermostatically controlled from the taps, except that it is set at a maximum of about 60 degrees C. The showers in Gorse, Fern, Bracken and Heather Cottages are thermostatically controlled.

Self-Catering Kitchen

• Each cottage has a fully fitted kitchen.
• Access to each kitchen is level from the living area, except for Gorse Cottage where there is one step down from the entrance hall to the living area/kitchen.
• The water is not thermostatically controlled, except that it is set at a maximum of about 60 degrees C.
• Ovens & hobs are electric. Microwaves are provided in each kitchen.
• Flooring is vinyl.
• Lighting is by spotlights.
• A fridge-freezer is provided in each kitchen.

The Cottages – other information

• The contact telephone number is displayed in the cottages and on our brochure/paperwork.
• Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are provided in each cottage and the emergency procedures are posted beside these.
• Lighting in the cottages is varied, with spots, central lights, table lamps and standard lamps.
• Seating is a combination of arm chairs, sofas and wooden chairs (mostly without arms).
• Well behaved dogs are welcome. There are gardens and fields for dogs to exercise/play in.
• A cordless kettle is provided in each cottage.
• Smoking is NOT permitted in the cottages.
• Satellite TV and DVD is proved with remote control.
• Wireless broadband is available across the site.
• Mobile phone reception is poor and variable in the immediate area of the farm (Vodafone and EE are best onsite).
• The area is very peaceful and quiet.

Grounds and Gardens

• Fern and Heather Cottage have private, attached gardens. These are level areas, partly paved and partly grass. They are directly accessible from the cottages.
• Bracken and Gorse Cottages have a shared seating area some 40 feet (12m) away from the cottages looking across a field down to the river.
• There is seating in each garden, plus a table.
• There is a level area where there are chickens and ducks.

Contact Information


Riscombe Farm Holiday Cottages,
TA24 7NH,

Telephone: 01643 831480
Fax: Not applicable.
Minicom: Not applicable.
Grid reference: SS 834 395
Hours of operation: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Emergency number: 01643 831480

Local carers: Please ask us if required and we will try to find a suitably skilled carer.

Local equipment hire companies: Please ask us.

Local public transport numbers: See this link car-free travel in the Exmoor area.

Local accessible taxi numbers: Please ask us.

Future Plans

• All major plans are now complete following the installation of a new biomass boiler system in late 2013 which provides full central heating and hot water in all buildings.

Contact Telephone and Email Address

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone 01643831480 or email